c’t Racetrack II

2015-12-05, post № 87

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Since the 30th of November 2015 the contest is over. The code is now visible in my post c’t-Racetrack. In this time I improved my program and added a semi-working collision detection (unfortunately it does not cover every case), a helper function (will not allow you to make an invalid move) and an additional view mode (lets you only see the car’s path).


  • Mouse movement changes the new acceleration vector applied in the next step,
  • Left click moves one step,
  • Right click is a undo for the latest move,
  • Middle click moves the frame,
  • ‘F1’ toggles view mode,
  • ‘F2’ takes a screenshot,
  • ‘F3’ exports current moves,
  • ‘F4’ resets the game,
  • ‘h’ toggles helper.
Source code: ct-racetrack-ii.py
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