J-Filters II

2015-09-13, post № 64

programming, Pygame, Python, #blur, #color depth, #filter, #image, #image manipulation, #img, #J-Filter, #mix-up

Playing around with pygame and image manipulation, I created another set of filters. My previous filters can be found here.

For demonstration purposes I used an image from my post Stacking Stones.


This is a simple blur filter. It takes the average of pixel attached to one another.


This filter changes the color depth. A usual image has color values from 𝟢 to 𝟤𝟧𝟧 on red, green and blue. The filter changes those values to 𝟢 to 𝟪.


Mix-up repositions the pixels from their original position. So it creates a mixed-up image.

Source code: j-filters-ii_blur.py
Source code: j-filters-ii_color-depth.py
Source code: j-filters-ii_mix-up.py
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