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2021-04-17, post № 243

poem, #doubt

Insightful sparks, a forceful nudge —
distant glory or arcane mist:
now wobbly treading trodden paths,
sensing tender sprawling fates …
A step is taken.
A step is taken to one’s side.
Lured in by wonderous ideals,
a gate is shut, the key expunged.
But is what one seeks on this flank to be found?
Or has one only shown themselves:
what one wants most do not;
since never urged to do inquire
about attaining what they never
have proven to be all they could accept?
Away with all the doubt!
One tightly clings to specks deemed fit.
It cannot, must not, dare not crumble!
The flimsy veil begins to lift.
What now? Where to? Once one has sipped?
Stuck in between, not free, not flocking.
Gazing through bars into the veldt
whose sparse and slanted Terminaliae
crash down, they too reveil a fence.

— Jonathan Frech, April of 2021

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