Intriguingly Matured Graphics

2021-03-20, post № 241

imagery, Pygame, #throwback, #png, #colorful

Following digital excavation efforts at my disk’s deep directories, I stumbled upon a collection of colorful pseudo-random walk graphics. Since they are dated September of 2015 and were generated using unidiomatic slow snake script, their only property of note is a visually jolly aura; the following three possess a particularly vibrant one:

Autumn Colors
Deep Blue
Woven Violet

Not every pseudo-random walk has been given enough time to cover a substantial portion of the plane or has been painted harmonically; nevertheless, all I found are listed below.
Whereas some walks are walked on a directly pixel-mapped finite discrete rectangle \mathbb{Z}_n\times\mathbb{Z}_m, others draw a circle with a considerable pixel diameter for each lattice point. As such, the resulting graphics require a hefty chunk of disk space — from under 8 MiB to over 128 MiB.

Slow snake script sources: intriguingly-matured-graphics_2015-09-21_fancy-2.py, intriguingly-matured-graphics_2015-09-21_fancy-3.py, intriguingly-matured-graphics_2015-09-27_fancy-4.py

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