Mandelbrot set sketch in Scratch

2019-07-13, post № 217

art, mathematics, programming, #fractal

Despite my personal disbelieve in and dislike of the colored blocks dragging simulator 3, I nevertheless wanted to extract functionality other than the hardcoded cat mascot path tracing from the aforementioned software; one of the most efficient visual result to build effort ratio yields a simple plot of the Mandelbrot set, formally known as


where the iterator is defined as

\mathrm{itr}^n(z) := \mathrm{itr}^{n-1}(z)^2+z, \\ \mathrm{itr}^0(z) := 0.

The render resolution is kept at a recognizable minimum as not to overburden the machine tasked with creating it.
Source: mandelbrot-set-sketch-in-scratch.sb3

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