𝜋 Generator

2015-03-29, post № 2

mathematics, programming, Pygame, Python, #circle, #generator, #pi

Using Python and Pygame I created a program which approximates 𝜋. On the square screen points will randomly appear. Based on the distance to the center the points get a different color. Divided into two groups (the red points and the gray points) the program can roughly estimate 𝜋.

How it calculates

  • The red points represent the circle area. A'=\pi\cdot r^2
  • The gray points represent the square area minus the circle area. Thus the gray points and the red points the square area. A''=\big(2\cdot r\big)^2=4\cdot r^2
  • We get \frac{\pi}{4}, when we divide one by another. \frac{A'}{A''}=\frac{\pi\cdot r^2}{4\cdot r^2}=\frac{\pi}{4}
  • Lastly, we need to multiply by four to get 𝜋. \frac{A'}{A''}\cdot 4=\pi
Source code: pi-generator.py
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