Prime-Generating Formula

2016-04-01, post № 114

mathematics, #generating, #prime formula, #primes

(April Fools’!) I came up with this interesting prime-generating formula. It uses the constant 𝜉 and generates the primes in order!

The constant’s approximation.

\xi = 1.603502629914017832315523632362646507807932231768273436867961017532625344\dots

The formula p_n calculates the 𝑛-th prime.

p_n=\lfloor{10^{2\cdot n}\cdot\sqrt{\xi^3}}\rfloor-\lfloor{10^{2\cdot(n-1)}\cdot\sqrt{\xi^3}}\rfloor\cdot 10^2

The first few values for p_n when starting with 𝑛 = 𝟢 are as follows.

p_{0\text{ to }7}=\{2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19\}
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