JClock V

2015-09-20, post № 66

programming, Pygame, Python, #alternative, #bar, #bar clock, #bars, #clock, #clockface, #time

This alternative clock design may not be particularly readable, but it is nice to look at.

Source code: jclock-v.py

Text Scrambler

2015-09-19, post № 65

programming, Python, #letters, #mixed, #reading, #scrambled, #text

This program demonstrates an interesting phenomenon regarding reading. It shows, that we are not reading letter by letter, but rather word by word.

Taht is why you can mkae snsee of this sennetce.

Source code: text-scrambler.png

J-Filters II

2015-09-13, post № 64

programming, Pygame, Python, #blur, #color depth, #filter, #image, #image manipulation, #img, #J-Filter, #mix-up

Playing around with pygame and image manipulation, I created another set of filters. My previous filters can be found here.

For demonstration purposes I used an image from my post Stacking Stones.


This is a simple blur filter. It takes the average of pixel attached to one another.


This filter changes the color depth. A usual image has color values from 𝟢 to 𝟤𝟧𝟧 on red, green and blue. The filter changes those values to 𝟢 to 𝟪.


Mix-up repositions the pixels from their original position. So it creates a mixed-up image.

Source code: j-filters-ii_blur.py
Source code: j-filters-ii_color-depth.py
Source code: j-filters-ii_mix-up.py
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