2015-06-14, post № 38

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Being curious of the world underneath his feet, our little pixel friend started an exploration. Who knew what torrid situation he could get in to…



2015-06-13, post № 37

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After having programmed my own Tetris clone — Jetris —, I thought of another game to clone. A really fun and fairly simple game came to my mind: Pong.
After a few hours I managed to do it and here it is.
I even implemented the computer being able to play, although it never loses… If a hitter is controlled by the computer is indicated by its color (green for players, red for the computer).
To get more information about Pong, visit this Wikipedia entry.

Controls (general)

  • Escape pauses and unpauses the game,
  • ‘r’ resets the game.

Controls (left player)

  • ‘w’ moves the (left) hitter up,
  • ‘s’ moves the (left) hitter down,
  • Left arrow key while pause changes if player is computer or user controlled.

Controls (right player)

  • Up arrow key moves the (right) hitter up,
  • Down arrow key moves the (right) hitter down,
  • Right arrow key while pause changes if player is computer or user controlled.
Source code: jong.py
Extra assets: jong-2.png


2015-06-07, post № 36

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Being generally very interested in games I recently stumbled across a Tetris clone, Quadrapassel. It really cought my attention and after playing for a long time I decided to program a Tetris clone myself.
There may still be a few inconsistencies but all in all I think it works very well.
Your game score will be shown in the window’s caption along with the info if the game is over yet.
To see further details about Tetris, visit this Wikipedia entry.



  • Left arrow key to move the brick to the left,
  • Right arrow key to move brick to the right,
  • Up arrow key to rotate the brick (clockwise),
  • Down arrow to increase the brick’s fall speed,
  • Space to bring the brick to the far bottom,
  • Escape to pause and unpause the game,
  • Tab to toggle if a fake brick is shown where the brick will land,
  • Right shift to toggle brick looks,
  • Backspace to start a new game.
Source code: jetris.py
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