2016-12-01, post № 149

mathematics, #all days of December

The idea is to only use the year’s digits — preferably in order — and mathematical symbols (+,-,\cdot,\sqrt{},\lfloor\rfloor,\lceil\rceil,\dots) to create an equation that evaluates to a specific day of the month.
The 0th of December, 2016 would, for example, be 2\cdot 0\cdot 1\cdot 6, 2^0-1^6 or \lfloor\frac{2}{0+16}\rfloor.

Advent I

2016-11-27, post № 148

art, haiku, poetry, #winter

First candle is lit,
Advent season is now here.
Charming wintertime.


2016-11-19, post № 147

art, haiku, mathematics, poetry, programming, Python, #prime

While you have no primes,
While you would like to know them.
If, if you could print…

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