2016-11-19, post № 147

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While you have no primes,
While you would like to know them.
If, if you could print…


2016-11-05, post № 146

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Usually, programming languages are designed to be efficient, understandable and usable. Their concepts are well thought-out, giving the programmer powerful tools to create their application.
Esoteric programming languages have a slightly different aim. Instead of focusing on the product, they focus on the programmer’s journey and try new approaches to building a program.
One well-known esoteric programming language is Urban Müller’s brainfuck. It is a Turing-complete programming language — meaning that it could with infinite memory do what a Turing machine can do —, which practices extreme minimalism. The language knows of only eight characters (<>+-[].,).
The language’s usage is very similar to a Turing machine. Starting the program, the pointer is at cell zero and can be moved left (<) or right (>) by one cell.
The cells’ values are all starting at 𝟢, but can be either increased (+) or decreased (-) by one. Because the cells can only store one unsigned byte, adding one to 𝟤𝟧𝟧 yields in 𝟢 and subtracting one from 𝟢 yields in 𝟤𝟧𝟧.
Also, a loop is possible by using square brackets. An open square bracket ([) starts a loop and a closed square bracket (]) ends a loop. When the end of a loop is reached, the interpreter will jump back to its start if and only if the currently selected cell’s value is 𝟢. [1]
The only way to communicate with the user is to print the currently selected cell’s ASCII character to the screen (.) and get a user input which will be stored in the currently selected cell as its ASCII value (,).

Because of its minimalistic design, writing an interpreter is not particularly hard. Listed below is the Python code of my interpreter, which I used to execute my own brainfuck “Hello World.” program (𝟣𝟣𝟪 characters).
Online interpreters include for example bf.doleczek.pl and sange.fi.

Useful Wikipedia articles include Esoteric Programming Language, Brainfuck and Turing Machine.

$ python brainfuck.py
Hello World.
Source code: brainfuck.py

Halloween MMXVI

2016-10-31, post № 145

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It is an icy autumn night, thick fog coats the barren land. I walk down the beach. No other human is visible. The water is still, only barely moving. After a while I come to the haven. To escape the eerie land, I get to my boat and sail away, leaving.
Looking back, the port’s lights shine through the fog. The world seems quiet, time has nearly stopped. I can hear myself breathing, my heart beating. I find relief in the loneliness on sea. The subtle waves make me fall into a deep sleep. For hours me and my little boat sail the ocean.
A hypnotizing melody wakes me up. At first gentle, with time louder. It seems like I was getting pulled towards it. Due to the still thick dog I only saw a silhouette of the song’s source. It was an enormous cube, floating on the water. As I got nearer, it started to glow dimly purple.
Fascinated by the strange object, I lost the feeling for my surroundings. The water beneath the cube bulged, drawing me into the center. My senses slowly started to fade. My whole body got paralyzed, I was not able to move. My heart beat more slowly, eventually stopping. My lifeless, rigid body sank down.
I suffered the same fate as hundreds before me, becoming a statue on the ocean floor.
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