Connect Four

2016-05-14, post № 123

BASIC, games, programming, TI-84 Plus, #four in a row, #four wins, #graphing calculators, #GTR, #Texas Instruments, #TI

Using the programming features given on Texas Instruments’ graphing calculator TI-84 Plus, I created this text-base connect four game.
The code is written in BASIC and can be seen below.
To transfer code to and from the graphing calculator, I used Texas Instruments’ TI Connect™ CE Software [1].


  • Numbers 1 to 7 put your piece accordingly,
  • ‘clear’ pauses the game (for taking screenshots).
Source code: connect-four.basic


2016-05-07, post № 122

art, #animated, #animated gif, #animation, #color, #colored world, #colorful, #coloring, #gif, #guy, #pixel, #pixel guy

The little pixel guy comes across a grey world and starts coloring it.

Extra assets: colors_dithered.gif

Koch Snowflake

2016-04-30, post № 121

mathematics, programming, Pygame, Python, #animated fractal, #flake, #fractal, #fractal generating, #fractal gif, #generate

In my collection of programs generating fractals this famous one cannot miss.
The Koch snowflake is generated by starting with an equilateral triangle. Every side of the triangle then gets cut into three equal pieces and the center one gets replaced with yet another equilateral triangle.
To get the perfect fractal, you would need to repeat this process infinitely many times.
More information on the snowflake can be found in this Wikipedia entry.


  • ‘F1’ iterates the fractal,
  • ‘F2’ zooms in,
  • ‘F3’ zooms out,
  • ‘F4’ resets zoom,
  • ‘F5’ takes a screenshot,
  • Arrow keys move the camera around.
Source code: koch-snowflake.py
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